deFacto Planning version 4

Welcome to v4:


  • Updated Ribbon to Support Applications with Many Dimensions
  • Submission Status Displays Error Message for all submission Over Last 24 Hours
  • Logon Remembers Previous URLs
  • Business Rule Editor Displays the Rule Type in the Rule Summary

+ Report Wizard Includes Full Report Editing Support
+ Formatting, Formulas and Scaling in Report Definitions
+ Lists and Ranges
     – Multi-dimension capability
     – Suppress if Zero
Persistent Member Selection (Current View, Investigator, Report Wizard, etc.)
     – User add suppressed rows

+ Multi-Select Report Slicer
+ Excel Cells Referenced in Report Editor
+ Bookmarks Allow Easy Navigation to Preset Locations and Tailoring the CV Items Displayed
in the Ribbon


  • Refresh and Send Data for Current View
  • Increased Client-Side Report Scalability for Sheet or Workbook
  • Resource Requirement Notification Before Refreshing Large Reports
  • Ability to Cancel Report Refresh with Esc Key


  • Mobile/Web Reporting, Analysis, and Data Collection
  • Build Once, Use Anywhere – Report Sharing Between Devices, Excel
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly User Interface
  • Support for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Android Tablets, Windows phones, and Windows tablets


  • Copy Security Roles and Copy Read to Write Access
  • Option to Take Application Offline
  • Additional Trace Levels
    – Web Service
    – Report Server
  • Server Settings (Time Out, Trace Levels) per Application
  • Administrator Roles by Pages
    – Access to Dimensions and Lists but not Security
    – Access to Security Only…

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