A long-time Microsoft Gold and Inner Circle AI-Partner, deFacto Global, is proud to introduce Intelligize.AI

Intelligize.AI is an AI technology consulting and development practice serving customers and partners throughout the world. By leveraging our expertise with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and enterprise business processes, we’ve formed Intelligize.AI, a technology consulting and development practice designed to build AI-enabled solutions that drive competitive advantage for our customers.

As one of the first companies in the world to join the new Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner program, deFacto Global has started this new AI technology consulting and development practice to build custom solutions for Microsoft customers. The elite Microsoft Inner Circle program selects partners for their unique expertise in specific industries and their ability to drive business transformation using the power of AI and data.

AI is revolutionizing all industries and deFacto Global is already embracing the coming future by developing AI-enabled solutions. In fact, deFacto Planning, the company’s flagship product, is an AI-enhanced corporate planning product that helps business managers and financial officers manage their company’s performance across every functional area.

We see Artificial Intelligence as the next big thing in enterprise software and we are already working to bring it to you.