Technology Add-Ons


Tech Add-Ons

deFacto has invested in the creation of a number of Tech Add-ons to help our customers get up and running quickly while enjoying more functionality than our competitors.

deFacto Global Tech Add-Ons

These add-ons include the integration with various Microsoft ERP’s and technologies, integration with other, non-Microsoft ERP systems and the creation of advanced tools and Financial Business Logic to help our customers achieve the success they never thought possible.

deFacto Harnesses a Large Portfolio of
Prebuilt Integrations and Tech Add-Ons

Integration Connectors

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Tech Add-Ons

  • Drill-back to detail data (DrillAnywhere)
  • Integration with MS Word (LinkAnywhere)
  • Fastest, most powerful Excel interface

Pre-built, Database-based Financial Business Logic Capabilities

  • Allocations/Apportionments
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Copy Data (e.g. from one Scenario to another)
  • Drill-back to detail data (DrillAnywhere)
  • Intercompany Matching/Eliminations
  • Units x Rates
  • All kinds of What-if’s
  • and many more...

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