de fac•to   /,dā 'faktō/

from the truth;
by fact, reality, or actuality

deFacto Global | Corporate Performance Management Software

” The best managed organizations work from a single version of the truth. They clearly understand their business reality, and make accurate and timely decisions accordingly, based on financial and operational facts. “

Bob Bedard – CEO/President deFacto Global

in the KNOW

deFacto Planning is a completely unified, OLAP-based, analysis and planning product, that offers the full range of capabilities users need.  This includes; forecasting, drill-down/through, what-if analysis, reporting, and more.

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deFacto Global represents proven ideas, designs, and concepts that our team has evolved, as a result of decades of experience. All delivered in a single, unified product.

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The deFacto Planning platform has caught the attention of leading industry analysts, including; Gartner, Forrester Research, BPM Partners, and TEC.

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Together, we’ve engaged with Gartner, BPM Partners, and TEC to take advantage of their insights in addition to enabling them to gain an in-depth understanding of the deFacto Planning platform.

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Every business manager needs to make better and faster decisions. For each organization, these are based on a broad range of factors that uniquely influence their overall business.

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deFacto Planning, is undoubtedly a centralized point of reference for making the best business decisions.

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in the MARKET

On the whole, our customers represent a wide range of industries and sizes. Above all, they ultimately share the same goal; to operate like the world’s top performers by measuring and managing their financial and operational performance. Accurately, simply, and quickly.

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Above all, deFacto Global understands that it takes support from a community of partners to achieve a high level of presence. With this purpose in mind, we believe that a good partnership offers equal value to both parties. 

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If you are running an organization, you really should see how Integrated Planning using both Power BI & Excel as planning tools is a game changer. Visit us at http://deFactoGlobal.com to learn more. #planning #FPandA #xPandA #PowerBi #Microsoft #FandO #CEO

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In today’s business environment, by and large, every company has an increasing need to quickly process and analyze higher volumes of data to make the best possible business decisions. Learn more about how deFacto Planning helped this customer. 

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