deFacto Planning

Every business manager needs to make better and faster decisions based on a broad range of factors that uniquely influence their business.

Business Intelligence (BI) systems are limited in this capacity because they are essentially "data-centric." They utilize standalone sets of historical data that do not reflect all aspects of your business and require subjective interpretation. Although BI systems are very good at what they do – data analysis and visualization – they do not offer a complete solution for planning and managing your business.

deFacto Planning provides the complementary forward-thinking components of a complete solution – decision analysis and planning. deFacto is business “model centric.” It aggregates key data from across an organization into a comprehensive, highly intelligent model that intrinsically represents your business. Then, using driver-based what-if analysis, budgeting, and forecasting, deFacto provides an objective, single point of reference for analyzing the financial impact of business decisions, strategy planning, and managing your business to achieve the best possible performance.

deFacto Planning is a next generation, enterprise-quality Corporate Performance Management (CPM) system used by mid-sized and global companies. Our award-winning CPM software offers the full range of features needed to satisfy even the most demanding users, yet it’s easy to learn and use - and it’s affordable.